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Project management

We work to our customers' satisfaction, particularly in terms of safety, cost, schedule and quality. Our project management processes and tools capture our experience and keep our high standards consistent wherever we work and whatever the job.

Getting the scope right at the outset is essential. Wood Group PSN's Right Size™ processes make this happen and are central to our management system.  Right Size™ provides predictable, scaled execution processes for project delivery, along with change control processes, estimating and planning methods, to ensure efficiency.

Decision making, risk management and value management
Our Value Systems tool enhances decision making and the management of risk and value. It is a programme of qualitative and quantitative techniques brought together to identify and deliver enhanced value from projects. The programme includes value management, decision analysis and risk management.

Change management
This is a key aspect of project management. Throughout the project life cycle, we identify, assess and manage all changes to ensure minimum impact to the project.

We invest in training and coaching for our project leaders to focus their attention on safety, customer relationships, communication, team building and delivery.

Project reporting
Our suite of reports cover all areas of a project and provides accurate and detailed information, which allows us to control and monitor performance throughout the life of a project. This means we ensure that the right decisions get made in good time.

Performance management
Our online tracking tool called INSIGHT™ enables project performance to be trended and compared with other projects around our network. This allows us to identify different levels of performance and so share best practices across the network to achieve more consistent project delivery.

We provide a comprehensive range of specialist engineering services:

  • 4D solutions challenge
  • Right Size™
  • Value Systems tool
  • Predictable, scaled execution processes
  • Standard designs
  • Change control processes
  • Estimating methods
  • Management leadership
  • Management reporting
  • A full suite of key performance indicators (KPIs) that demonstrate efficiency and highlight areas in need of improvement

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