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Structural integrity management


Wood Group PSN has arguably the best advanced structural analysis minds in the business, solving some of today’s most extreme engineering challenges.

The insight you need for the big decisions
We offer advanced structural analysis and complete structural integrity management services for both offshore and onshore assets. This area of work is increasingly significant as assets reach the end of, or exceed their original design life.

Structural integrity management
Robust structural integrity management is of critical importance to ensure continued production, the safety of those working offshore and protection of the environment. We provide a technical authority role for several customers and also manage structural verification and HSE challenges, develop performance standards, support safety cases and provide emergency response services. We also provide a full range of support to our customers’ inspection and management of change needs.

The latest analysis techniques to demonstrate structural capacity
We use advanced analysis techniques in support of daily platform operations, and to demonstrate continued structural integrity throughout the operational and decommissioning phase of an asset. We use these techniques to increase asset value, through demonstrating enhanced structural capacity.

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We provide a comprehensive range of advanced structural analysis services:

  • Jacket and topside reassessment
  • Code compliance assessment
  • Deck noise and vibration assessment
  • Operational support to floating structures
  • Boat impact and redundancy analysis
  • Platform life extension analysis
  • Linear and non-linear finite element analysis
  • Seismic analysis to latest api\hse
  • Progressive collapse and pushover analysis
  • Structural dynamics and post buckling response
  • Explosion and fire studies including blast wall analysis
  • Fracture mechanics and fatigue
  • Online structural monitoring
  • Platform removal technology
  • Decommissioning projects
  • Decommissioning cost estimates