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Corrosion management

Wood Group PSN offers a wide range of corrosion engineering and corrosion management services throughout the lifecycle of oil and gas facilities, upstream and downstream. Such services not only improve personnel safety and environmental control, but they also help to optimise repair, maintenance, inspection and chemical treatment activities and their associated costs. Furthermore, they enhance asset value and improve production uptime.

We provide a comprehensive range of corrosion management services:

  • Auditing and reviewing of existing corrosion management systems
  • Pressure systems integrity reviews
  • Failure/corrosion risk assessments
  • Risk-based inspection scopes (RBI)
  • Trending and analysing inspection, monitoring and microbiological audit data
  • Managing corrosion monitoring systems, microbiological audits and chemical treatments
  • Corrosion awareness training
  • Producing corrosion management strategies
  • Producing Corrosion management reports and assessments
  • Performing ASME B31.3 (piping) and ASME B31.4 assessments (pipelines)
  • Material selection consultancy
  • Managing wall thickness anomalies
  • Producing corrosion control matrices
  • Introducing and maintaining asset integrity assessment systems such as corrosion KPIs
  • Establishing and improving compliance with The Health and Safety Executive's KP3 initiative

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