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Integrity management

Integrity management may be defined as the means of ensuring that the people, systems, processes and resources, which deliver integrity, are in place and in use to:

  • Ascertain that the asset remains fit-for-purpose over the whole of its lifecycle
  • Maintain personnel safety, environmental protection and production continuity

Integrity management for an asset can be divided into Structural Integrity Management and Corrosion Management. While the former is closely associated with the asset structure the latter focuses on the pressure systems and pipelines.

The first edition of Wood News, Wood Group's bi-monthly online news publication, featured an article describing how we can extend asset life without compromising integrity, reliability, productivity and, most importantly, safety.

Dr Mohammad Nabavian's article, Structural Integrity Management for Asset Life Extension, explains a life extension programme conducted by our Advanced Integrity Group (AIG) for one mature North Sea platform that will extend its life by an additional 20 years.

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