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Site Survey

More than a survey
Design and structural engineers require true as-built data of an asset to do their job as effectively and accurately as possible.  Design models or drawings are not good enough to get this data as they often do not account for modification or even slight deviations introduced at fabrication or installation offshore so a survey of the asset is the next step.

The conventional approach to this involves two surveyors using methods unchanged for decades and even with laser scanning the industry norm has been two surveyors and generation of black and white laser point clouds which are passed onto the end user – the piping and structural designers and engineers.

Our specialist survey group, challenges this traditional approach.  We ensure there are fewer failures-to-fit or spatially related errors to impact on any aspect of our customers work.  Our new methodology and technology is raising the bar in offshore measurement and analysis whilst reducing cost and improving efficiency.

Less man-hours, more productivity
In our first year of operations, we completed hundreds of repair orders with only one man per trip, and in some cases productivity was increased by 100%.  That’s a 50% reduction in offshore man-hours with increased productivity!

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