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The Plant Design Management System (PDMS)

Wood Group PSN has been using PDMS, the world’s leading intelligent 3D modelling system for the oil and gas industry, to provide successful modifications to existing facilities.

Cost and schedule-saving drawings and pipe isometric
PDMS is a data-centric, multi-disciplinary design environment for the 3D modelling of process plants that ensures clash-free design. The full range of drawings and pipe isometrics that can be produced from the model enable significant cost and schedule savings compared to traditional CAD design methods.

Reduced downtime
We use PDMS in conjunction with survey technologies such as Hazmap videogrammetry, to ensure that the design is not just free of clashes within the design, but also free of clashes with existing facilities, allowing better design and reduced downtime.

Reduced site rework and delays
We produce higher quality designs because we can perform multiple design checks across the entire design, eliminating errors and enabling right first-time engineering. The accurate materials information that we access through PDMS eliminates over-ordering and delays on site due to a lack of required materials or information.

Higher design efficiency
The application’s automated production of documents such as fabrication isometrics, general arrangements, pipe support details and material lists, means that less time is spent on data input or working between different systems, which reduces the opportunity for error. We also share component information and re-use design data between projects, which allows us to achieve a much faster start-up on jobs.

Improved quality
We work in multi-discipline teams so that problems that could be encountered by construction, operations or maintenance people are removed before they begin. The system also allows access from multiple sites so that we can apply the full strength of our global network to design issues.

Better communication with our customers
Modelling is carried out using a customer-defined catalogue and specifications. PDMS also includes integrity checking and rule-based checking tools, which improve the quality of our work. As drawing production is managed through a database, there is the best possible level of consistency between drawings, reports and design data. This all adds up to clearer communication with our customers, sub-contractors and all third parties.

We provide a comprehensive range of PDMS services:

  • Equipment design
  • Piping design
  • HVAC design
  • Structure design
  • Cable trays design
  • The full range of drawings and pipe isometrics

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