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Materials engineering

Wood Group PSN's materials specialists provide the full range of material, welding engineering and corrosion assessment services.

We provide material selection support during the front end engineering design and detail design stages of projects. By bringing our customers the latest insight on new materials and how to select the best for the level of performance they require in new builds or modifications, we make sure they can fully optimise their investment.

Our chartered welding engineers provide written weld procedure specifications according to British, European, American, and local country standards, and take into account any specific customer specifications. The procedures are derived from a suite of nearly 900 qualified weld procedures so whatever you are building or mending, you are using international best practice. All developed procedures take into account local design code requirements, including equivalent local material grades used.

Our corrosion and criticality risk assessment and risk based inspection scheme for onshore and offshore hydrocarbon facilities is fully compliant.

We provide a comprehensive range of materials engineering services:

  • Verification of material conformance
  • Management of failure investigations
  • Advice on the choice of materials to maximise performance and reduce manufacturing costs
  • Material selection reports
  • Assistance in compilation of specifications, data sheets, bid documentation and bid evaluations
  • Preparation of material specifications
  • Assistance with metallurgical audits
  • Interface with and audit fabricators and suppliers
  • Written weld procedure specifications according to British, European, or American standards
  • Weld expertise in onshore and offshore pipelines, process piping, pressure vessels and structural
  • Review of fabricator’s welding and fabrication procedures
  • Technical audits of fabrication procedures, quality control, and non-destructive testing
  • Corrosion and Criticality Risk Assessment, leading to Risk Based Inspection (RBI) scheme
  • RBI evaluations of existing facilities, modifications, and the effects of design changes on existing facilities and new facilities

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