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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Wood Group PSN’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) specialists have compelling experience of major HVAC systems in all types of industry facilities, at project stages from conceptual through front end engineering and design studies, to commissioning and hand-over.

Unmatched system and facility experience
We have unmatched experience of central heating, air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration plant, turbine enclosure and secondary scouring systems. Our specialists have risen to the challenge on offshore installations, floating storage and production units (FSUs and FPSOs), and at petrochemical sites, gas plants and civil buildings.

A unique blend of safety and efficiency
We pride ourselves on our ability to reduce the scope of work without any health, safety or environmental compromises.  We know where to place attenuators to reduce noise pollution, how to keep clean air flowing in hot work tight spots and the optimum number of intakes and outlets to keep workers and smoke and gas detectors happy.

Who you need, where you need them
We have specialists with experience in all corners of our network, including designers, survey engineers, design engineers, commissioning engineers, audit managers, inspection engineers, maintenance technicians, project managers and technical consultants.

We provide a comprehensive range of HVAC services:

  • Site surveys
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Calculations of cooling loads, heat loss and pressure drop
  • Material and equipment selection and sizing
  • Noise surveys and assessments
  • Tests of natural ventilation, temporary refuge, fire damper, and wind tunnel tests
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Input to hazard area drawings and safety cases
  • P&IDs, schematics, flow sheets, general assembly and as-built drawings
  • Specifications, data sheets, control philosophy, supplier document requirements listing), and basis of design
  • Estimates including CTRs and requisition for equipment and material
  • Maintenance manuals, maintenance procedures and spares lists
  • Performance standards
  • Statement of requirements
  • Weight control
  • COSHH regulation activities
  • Work packs and job cards
  • Safety review sheets
  • Bid evaluation
  • Vendor visits and inspections, factory acceptance tests procedures, FAT tests and release certification
  • Commissioning check sheets, commissioning procedures, commissioning of installed systems and handover certificates
  • Audits

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