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Welcome to Wood Group PSN

Total Lifecycle Care

brochure-thumb-lifecycle.jpg We offer a comprehensive range of services that cover the complete lifecycle of your asset. From initial concept to final shut down we can support you at every stage. Our lifecycle brochure gives a brief overview of our capability.


Fast facts

brochure-thumb-fastfacts.jpgWe’re large, we’re global, and we’re capable. Download the fast fact sheet to understand our footprint.


Our service range is extensive and we are evolving our capability all the time, keep checking back to find out more.


Recognised as a world-leading brownfield EPC services company, Wood Group PSN provides engineering support across all phases of the asset lifecycle. Specialist and multi discipline teams are on hand to help you get the best from your investment.



WGPSN construction and commissioning teams provide leadership and technical expertise throughout the lifecycle of the project: from concept through detail design, planning, execution and closeout.



Whether you’re bringing an entirely new facility online or commissioning an upgrade, coordinating all the systems, disciplines and logistics towards a successful start-up is one of the most complex jobs in asset development.


Operations & Maintenance

Wood Group has been a leader in operations and maintenance support services for the oil and gas industry since 1988. First, and foremost, we base our success on a thorough understanding of your goals through strong customer relationships.


Project Management

Good project management makes everyone’s life easier. Get your teams working seamlessly together and delivering everything you expect, when you expect it.


Specialist Services

Complementing our core capabilities Specialist Services bring unique expertise to solve specific problems. Advanced engineering, technical and documentation support, and bespoke solutions are delivered every day through our specialists.


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