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Wood Group PSN's decommissioning experts have experience of large scale decommissioning, unique tools, and a global network of expertise at their finger-tips.

As the leading oil and gas contractor on mature assets, you can trust us to safely and cost effectively remove your redundant facilities.

We have been involved in the hook-up and commissioning of production platforms since the early 1970's, providing many of the modifications that have sustained them throughout their producing lives.  We can now apply that unique insight to ensure the safest and most efficient approach to their decommissioning.

  • Engineering down, cleaning and module separation are new activities requiring a revised approach to health and safety. We encouraged and enrolled the UK's ECITB in implementing a programme especially for offshore people involved in decommissioning.

Our experience has shown that we should expect to recycle well over 95% of topside material.

  • We play an active role in industry bodies and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in technology and legislation.

Costs are minimised through innovative solutions executed by an experienced team.

  • We have learned how to make significant improvements to safety and schedule by performing key module separation before platforms enter the normally unmanned installation phase.  We use our unique risk management tools and Value Systems to ensure optimal and unique solutions are employed.

The innovation challenge

Our road to becoming the market leader in decommissioning has been paved with decades of experience and innovation.  Through collaboration and innovation we apply ideas that improve tools, processes and systems.

We're looking for new ways to perform decommssioning projects. We'd like to hear from you if your company has an innovative product or service that can help our decommissioning projects become even better.

Get support and advice from our experts:

Willem Van Es
Decommissioning manager
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