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Shutdowns and turnarounds

Wood Group PSN's strong focus on people, good planning and the best tools give us an industry-leading record on shutdown and turnaround performance.

We operate a no pressure culture because it’s easier to have a conversation about why something is late, than why someone got hurt. We’ve shown that eliminating haste is one of the best ways to eliminate accidents, which in turn removes many potential delays. We include all members of all crews in safety training that keeps the messages fresh and personal.   

Our bespoke turnaround/shutdown management tool, ONtrack™ captures our unparallel expertise. ONtrack™ has enabled us to deliver best practise on hundreds of safe and successful shutdowns and turnarounds around the world.  At the heart of this tool is our ability to clearly highlight risks prior to the event and management change effectively throughout the preparation phase.  The main areas of focus for ONtrack™ are:

  • Deployment of effective shutdown strategies
  • Shutdown tools and processes
  • Accountable leadership
  • Visible audit and review processes
  • Clearly defined work scopes and plans

Shutdown resourcing strategy
Weather is a big factor in shutdowns so in many parts of the world there is a shutdown season, coinciding with the best conditions. This creates periods of huge demand for experienced people. Our human resources people work closely with our construction experts, planning a year ahead for each shutdown season so that we secure the best people available for our customers.

We provide a comprehensive range of shutdown and turnaround services:

  • Studies
  • Detail design
  • Specialist technical services
  • Technical support and design
  • Technical integrity
  • Safety engineering

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