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Agents of change

One of our key roles is to drive down operating costs. We look at each project on its own merit and use creative methods, including innovative technology, to achieve savings. We don't automatically accept the status quo. We challenge the way things are done to promote change and improvement.

Wood Group PSN - streamlined and world-class

In Bangladesh, we have significantly improved operating costs by reviewing all areas of our operation including our maintenance strategy, replacing the offshore support vessel, revising how we do contracts and procurement and how we provide transport from site for our staff.

These reductions have been supported by a training and competence programme for our almost entirely local workforce and all these measures are contributing to the plant sustaining world-class uptime and safety performance.

Hoovering up costs

At the Onshore Compression and Terminals Integration Project in the north of England, we’ve brought innovative design and construction to the integration of three existing gas terminals into one. And we have moved gas compression from the offshore facilities to the onshore terminal.

We’ve challenged established working practices, used innovative suppliers, and have integrated our team with our customers' team.

We have also used vacuum excavation on the site, having overcome initial reservations from the local Archaeological Society. This has safely exposed over 100 live and dead underground cables.

Moving the compression facilities onshore is significantly reducing our customers' operating costs as well as reducing wellhead pressure, which will increase production.