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Safety first

The health and safety of our people is our greatest responsibility. This makes it our top priority with no room for compromise.  Safety is at the heart of everything we do:  this goes beyond simply following rules and regulations. Our passion for safety extends to everyone who may be affected by our activities.  We are proud of our reputation for health and safety yet we are never complacent and look for ways to improve.

Health and safety is Wood Group PSN's prime Core Value.

Robust systems

To ensure we work consistently we have developed a set of management systems and procedures that guide us in the way we work in all aspects of our business delivery. The management system is on-line so everyone has access to it and it is certified to ISO 9001:2008. Having everyone working to consistent processes enables us to both transfer people through the network and transfer work with the minimum of disruption.

Mission possible

Mission possible

We decommissioned a 40-year-old, 40,000m3 capacity liquid natural gas tank. It has been carved into the ground, developed structural instability and was posing a serious safety risk to nearby populations and new liquid natural gas facilities.

During an ISO14001 audit, Lloyd's said that the team’s work on the safety and environmental studies for Miller DF1 "brought a new dimension to the design process." Lloyd's also recommended that other projects should be encouraged to adopt our "innovative approach to environmental and safety design methodology."