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Getting more through the pipe

The Wood Group PSN network of talented people is particularly good at increasing production.

Our solutions are cost-effective and keep maintenance and modifications costs to a minimum because we have a detailed knowledge of how production changes over time and the impact that this has on assets.

Doubling production

We brought on-stream a new technology that was a North Sea first and reduced wellhead pressure to a value that resulted in doubling the production rate, and delivered a return on project costs within two months.

We are now looking at introducing this technology across all our customers' assets. 

Doubling production again...

When Nexen had a production problem no one could solve, we used our network to solve it. The Acid Gas Removal (AGR) system on Nexen’s Buzzard platform wasn’t working. Without this, oil production was limited to half capacity due to flare restrictions.

We changed the process parameters, got the AGR running, and brought production to full plateau.