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Time machine

One of the things we do is bring assets up to date. We use processes – but above all, our imagination – to find novel ways of giving ageing assets a new lease of life.
Extending the life of oil and gas fields makes sense. It reduces environmental impact, gets the best return on investment and maximises employment for local communities. Wood Group PSN is a world leader and pioneer in the technology and processes required.

Extending field life

Wood Group PSN is a world leader in the technology and processes of extending field life and we are pioneering the future of this expanding and increasingly important area of work.

Enhancing production
We have extensive experience in reducing arrival pressure and the design, implementation and construction of gas and produced water re-injection technology. Our produced water re-injection designs include the ability to combine heritage and new systems. We have pioneered wellhead reduction technology in the North Sea and globally, our gas lift expertise stretches from materials selection through maintenance to modifications.

Lowering operational expenditure costs
Our operations and maintenance strategies produce world class results in plant uptime. Our innovative approach to design and construction has been showcased in large infrastructure rationalisation projects, including the current Onshore Compression and Terminals Integration Project (OCTIP) in the north of England. Our thorough and rapid skills transfer and nationalisation programmes ensure that we make full use of local labour.

Improving safety
Managing the technical integrity of offshore assets is one of the most challenging tasks imposed by a life extension project. We are currently responsible for managing the integrity of a number of mature facilities around the world and sophisticated nonlinear methods of ultimate strength and structure reliability analysis to assess factors such as environmental loading and fatigue damage.

Pioneers in carbon capture
One of the latest ways of extending field life is to capture the carbon dioxide produced by power stations and inject it into the reservoir, which can increase the amount of recoverable hydrocarbon by up to 15%.

We provide a comprehensive range of extending life of field services:

  • Technical integrity and regulatory requirements
  • Production enhancement
  • Processes, procedures and tools to lower OPEX costs
  • Abandonment deferment modifications
  • Improved recovery technology
  • Improved availability and uptime
  • Equipment rationalisation
  • Obsolescence removal

Makeover in Abu Dhabi

We gave gas assets in the Emirates a major makeover.

The Zakum complex dates back to the 1960s.

Our videogrammetry captured the information we needed in one pass. We installed a 400-tonne cooler structure in one lift, saving weeks in offshore barge time and got the whole site up to scratch on time and within budget.