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Our Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Wood Group recognises the right of our workforce to have a safe,healthy and secure work environment. We are committed to the prevention of injury, ill health, damage to the environment and delivering continuous improvement in our health, safety, security and environmental performance. This Policy applies to all Wood Group’s global operations and defines our commitments to our employees, clients, partners and shareholders.

We will deliver our operations and services in ways to:

  • Protect the health and safety of all people impacted by the work that we do so that everyone can return home unharmed
  • Create a secure environment that safeguards our people, assets, operations and reputation.
  • Prevent pollution, minimise adverse environmental impacts, use resources efficiently and manage our carbon footprint
  • Support our clients in the protection of their people,assets and operations.

We will achieve this by ensuring:

  • Leaders at all levels of the organisation understand and deliver on the commitments of this Policy
  • We clearly define HSSE accountabilities and responsibilities
  • HSSE management systems are established,communicated and developed through a process of continuous improvement
  • HSSE risks are identified and managed through a hierarchy of control. We engage our workforce and their representatives on HSSE matters
  • We understand and comply with legal, industry and other external stakeholder requirements, as a minimum
  • Clear HSSE objectives are established and we measure our performance against them
  • We investigate and share lessons from incidents and non-conformance
  • Our people are trained and competent to perform their work safely, without harm to the environment and to minimise risks to their personal safety
  • We work with our customers, regulators and other external stakeholders to promote continuous improvement in our industry
  • Those who work with us understand and meet our standards

We will regularly monitor the application of these commitments to provide assurance that we are delivering continuous improvement.