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Not looking for a graduate position just yet?

Why not apply for one of our 8 week summer interships in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Hull and Runcorn.

WGPSN Interships

Summer internships 2013

If you want to gain some experience or find out how we do things at Wood Group, you may be interested in a student internship. We offer various internship opportunities across the UK, please see below for more information.

*Please note these are dependent on business and project needs.

Who can apply?

Engineering or business university students looking for hands-on work experience during their summer break. Due to a high volume of applications, we offer 8 week internships for penultimate year students only.

What sort of positions are available?

Both engineering and non-engineering positions. Engineering disciplines may include mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation, process, technical safety, structural, and typical non-engineering positions include commercial (project controls / supply chain) Finance, human resources, marketing / communications.

Industrial Placements

We offer 48-week placements to penultimate year students. These would be organized through your university and are applicable only to students whose universities offer placement/sandwich years as part of their curriculums. These will be advertised via the University Careers Service website and not directly.

How to apply

Applications for UK summer internships for 2013 are now closed. If you have made an application, we will be in touch in due course to let you know the outcome. We appreciate your patience during this busy time.