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To celebrate Apprentice Week 2013, we would like to shine a spotlight on some of our best and brightest in our apprenticeship programme. Look out for WGPSN apprentice profiles highlighting the talent we have in our midst.

Applications for 2013 are now closed, but we are looking forward to welcoming our new apprentices this September and celebrating our fully qualified technicians after their four years of hard work and dedication.

If you are interested in applying for the WGPSN 2014 apprenticeship intake, applications open again in September. Visit Oil and Gas UK for more details.



Robert Hall
Apprentice instrument and control technician

Robert is currently completing his second year at ASET, the international oil and gas training academy, and in his first two years of his apprenticeship has achieved his level 1 ISSOW (petrotechnics), level 3 fire and gas testing, B.O.S.I.E.T, M.I.S.T., and safety passport. For the remaining two years of his apprenticeship, Robert will be working in an offshore placement on Hummingbird FPSO as an apprentice instrument and control technician.

Looking forward to gaining offshore work experience, Robert is already looking ahead to what his future steps might be. He is interested in the global opportunities with Wood Group PSN, particularly the Middle East and South America regions, and finds the organisation supportive in every aspect of his development.

At the Wood Group PSN apprentice day, Robert met with 44 other first and second year apprentices across three disciplines; mechanical, electrical and instrumentation. The day saw management in attendance to meet and chat with the apprentices. Neil Pickering, UK senior technical manager, led interactive presentations throughout the day covering a variety of topics such as the importance of Wood Group PSN’s core values, development opportunities and general information on working offshore.

Robert appreciated the management presence on the day as he felt it demonstrated the commitment to apprentices as well as the opportunity to hear about where the company is going from the people who are driving progression.

As with everything, Robert is fully aware he will get out what he puts into his apprenticeship and is excited to begin the next stage of his career development with some hands-on experience.

James knows where he wants to be. Discover your career by visiting our careers section.

"The beginning of any career is exciting because the development opportunities seem endless. If you have a specific interest, you just need to make it known and the support system is there."

Apprentice Week 2013

We are no longer accepting applications for our 2013 apprenticeships programme

Craft Apprenticeship
Mechanical Pipefitters
Shetland – BP SVT
Applications open until 19th July
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Paul Broadley
Electrical maintenance technician apprentice

After leaving school, Paul was looking for a career that gives him the opportunity to travel the world. When he was assigned to the Wood Group apprentice scheme as an electrical maintenance technician, Paul was delighted with the global reach of the business and the chance to pursue his vision of working in as many different countries as possible.

To be considered for the apprenticeship programme, Paul firstly applied through the OPITO scheme and was put forward to ECITB. This led to his link with Wood Group as his allocated company for his entire apprenticeship. Paul is excited for the chance to develop in a highly competitive field and working towards future progression and the safety of a secure job.

At the apprentice day ran by WGPSN upper management, Paul discovered a wealth of information about the platform he is assigned to for his remaining two years, the different projects WGPSN are involved with and a true understanding of how important the core values are.

Soon to be joining his colleague Robert Hall on the award winning Sevan Hummingbird vessel, Paul is excited to work for “a good company with many core ethics and values, which treats its employees fairly, and gives them opportunity to develop and travel.”

Paul is developing through WGPSN because it is where he wants to be. Find out where you could be by visiting our careers section.


James Wood
Mechanical engineering apprentice

Currently half way through his four-year apprenticeship, James is one of Wood Group PSN’s brightest stars in the field of mechanical engineering. After completing a four-year mechanical engineering course at Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh, James was recruited through an ECITB apprenticeship scheme for the Wood Group apprentice programme.

For part of the first part of his four-year apprenticeship, James attends Aberdeen College three days a week and has two days of ASET training. As the first two years of his programme ends, James is looking forward to gaining practical skills on the WGPSN Talisman project.

James intends to continue his career progression through Wood Group as he recognizes the opportunities WGPSN make available to their apprentices. He is also interested in using the skills and knowledge he is developing to travel the globe, working on a portfolio of projects.

On the WGPSN apprentice day, James appreciated the opportunity to meet with Wood Group management who passed on first hand advice from their wealth of experience in the industry.

James has a clear picture of where he wants to be. Discover your options by visiting our careers section