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Eibhlin Marsh

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Eibhlin Marsh, originally from County Derry, Northern Ireland is a process engineer with WGPSN in Melbourne. She joined the graduate programme in 2005 before seizing the opportunity to broaden her horizons and gain experience in an overseas office. She explains why tapping into our world of opportunities can be a move in the right direction.

“When I joined the graduate programme seven years ago I was promised opportunities to learn, grow and travel, and I certainly haven’t been disappointed. I have worked for WGPSN in Aberdeen, Houston and now Australia. I began work in our Perth office where I was the process engineer on a detailed design project for a major oil company. Then the opportunity came up to do a concept study for the same client in our Melbourne office and I went there with the intention of completing the job in four weeks. Thing is, I loved the work and I knew I could learn so much from the Melbourne studies group so I stayed.

“I enjoy working as part of an experienced team providing concept and front end engineering services to clients operating across Australia and the Asia Pacific region. I have broadened my technical knowledge considerably because of the diversity of work. WGPSN supports the development of its engineers through further training and a structured approach to professional development.

Talking about the added benefits, Eibhlin says: “The opportunity to work overseas isn’t just about professional development though, it’s a great life experience too. New cultures and the chance to experience a different way of life has been great, although I haven’t forgotten my roots and play Gaelic football for St Finbarrs, a local Australian team.

“I’d certainly recommend a move to anyone in the network thinking about starting a fresh. If you have that niggling feeling that you would like to try something new, the opportunities are there.”