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Vine Trust

Vine Trust is our Africa region’s charity initiative, committed to improving the lives of vulnerable children in poverty-stricken areas of the world through improved housing and healthcare.

Vine Trust’s current focus is the Moshi region of Tanzania, which is where we will be directing our support. This initiative is an exciting way to connect our people all over the world and make a real difference to thousands of lives. 

The Vine Trust Tanzania project has three aspects that we are supporting, using our engineering expertise and our people:

Our engineering expertise

We are supporting Jubilee Hope, a floating medical facility that will see over 100,000 people annually, who currently have no access to basic healthcare. The ship has travelled the length of Africa and is expected in Mombassa, Kenya, at the end of April. There, a team of our engineers will meet Jubilee Hope and remove the wheelhouse, breaking it into two parts, so it can travel 500 miles overland to Lake Victoria, Tanzania. Once the ship arrives at the Lake, we will be sending a second team of engineers down to rebuild the boat and get it ready for its new life. 

Volunteering opportunities

The next part of the project asks our people to travel to Tanzania, to help build homes and orphanages for vulnerable children and families. We are sending teams to Moshi, four times a year, for the next five years. Volunteers will see first-hand the difference this work makes to the community we are helping.


The final aspect of this project is fundraising. Over the next five years, we have a fundraising target of £500,000 (GPB), that’s $782,100 USD or $824,565 AUD. This will help support the building, transportation and maintenance of Jubilee Hope and provides building materials for houses and orphanages. We aim to have the money raised in the first two years of the initiative, and we believe that by calling on all our regions this is an achievable goal. Look out for a global fundraising calendar that is coming your way and help us make this initiative a huge success!

To get involved with any part of this project, or to register your interest, please contact