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Our responsibilities are our core values in action - it's about going that little bit further to make a real difference

Safety & assurance is our top priority. We passionately care about the safety of our people and behave as safety leaders.

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Our responsibilities

As a responsible employer, we believe it is right to achieve a good balance between the rights and needs of the communities in which we operate, the natural world, and our own interests.

Our core values define who we are. They shape our culture and and regulate our behaviour.

Our attitude to safety protects the reputation of our customers, and protects the wellbeing of our employees and others who work with us.  It is reflected in our safety record.  Our focus on safety and assurance in turn helps us retain the best people, and on the strength of their expertise, do a better job.

Investing in local communities makes us better at doing all these things. As a socially responsible employer we aim to make a positive difference to communities where we operate; we develop local people and work with local supply chains; we are committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment.


  • We protect the health and safety of our employees and others affected by our activities.
  • We ensure asset and plant integrity to reduce health, safety and environmental risks.
  • We create sustainable and fair employment with career development opportunities.
  • We respect other people throughout the workplace, marketplace and community.


  • We manage the environmental impact of our operations.
  • We help customers improve their environmental performance.


  • We adhere to a code of ethics.
  • We run a sustainable business.
  • We create value for our stakeholders.